In a few days, Double 11 will officially begin, and major mobile phone manufacturers are launching related subsidy activities. As a consumer, I am naturally happy to see these good news. Today we also recommend the 4 most worthwhile mobile phones for this year’s Double 11, which can basically be used for three years with one phone, and we also advise…Continue Reading

Although Apple strictly controlled the channels at the beginning of the iPhone12 launch, and even did not hesitate to fine one iPhone12 400,000 as a “threat”, it still failed to control the price red line, according to the price of Huaqiangbei’s offline channel sales table. , Its price has fallen below the initial price of the official website…Continue Reading

Double 11 is coming, these 4 mobile phones are the most worthy of consideration, the configuration is strong and cost-effective! The first part: Honor V30 Pro was overpriced at the beginning, and basically no one cared about it. Later, the price reduction of Honor V30 Pro can be described as “really fragrant.” To be honest, this Honor V30 Pro is at 3000…Continue Reading