On the eve of the “Double Festival”, two cases of asymptomatic infection of new coronary pneumonia were found in Qingdao Port. On the one hand, Qingdao city officials are trying their best to control the epidemic, on the other hand, they hope that the “Double Festival” tourism will not be affected. Qingdao’s official announcement stated that “the city’s cultural and tourism business sites and cultural tourism activities have been carried out smoothly, and there have been no disorderly gatherings or hidden dangers of epidemic prevention and control.” As of October 11, Qingdao City has found a total of 6 confirmed cases, Shandong Province The whole province has been mobilized to support Qingdao.Continue Reading

  Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a novel coronavirus pneumonia conference, was held in October 12th. Sumit Aswaminathan, chief scientist of the World Health Organization, said that more than 180 countries and regions have committed to join the new cap vaccine program, including self funded countries and 92 low-income countries that willContinue Reading