The 44 year old apple stands at the crossroads. Where will the middle-aged crisis take apple?


Although Apple has strictly controlled the channels at the beginning of the launch of the iPhone 12 and even threatened to impose a fine of 400000 for an iPhone 12, it still failed to control the price red line. According to the price of Huaqiangbei’s offline channel sales table, its price has fallen below the official website’s initial price, and Apple’s performance is under pressure again.

1、 The user is refined, the mobile phone can’t be sold

Apple has more than 1 billion users in the world, of which 400 million are in China, which means that the Chinese market accounts for half of Apple’s performance. If the Chinese market is frustrated, it would be like cutting apple in half with a knife, and the vitality will be greatly damaged. Such a situation is happening.

On the one hand, the rise of domestic mobile phone brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and oppo has enabled users to have more choices, on the other hand, they have realized that low price can also buy cost-effective mobile phones. In addition, with the continuous optimization of Android system, the use experience and price advantage of domestic mobile phones are capturing the younger generation in China.

According to statistics, China’s cumulative output of mobile phones in the past seven months has reached more than 700 million, which is expected to exceed 1.2 billion in the whole year, while the total number of Internet users in China is only 940 million. The number of users who use smart phones to access the Internet is still lower than this number. The average time for users to change their phones has also been extended from half a year to one year to three years, showing signs of overcapacity.

The strong rise of domestic mobile phone brands, overcapacity, and changes in user habits have put Apple’s mobile phone business under full pressure. In addition, the iPhone 12 frequently suffers from such defects as ugly color and weak endurance, resulting in sharp division of word-of-mouth. Finally, apple is not fragrant.

2、 Apple’s transformation and the contrary

This phenomenon exists not only in the field of smart phones, but also in other industries and fields. In the early stage of the market, there is often a concept that can make money. In the middle stage of the market, you can make money by selling hardware and products, and in the later stage, you can make money by relying on services. The imagination of mobile phone hardware is not enough. Apple obviously realizes this.

In the earliest year of 2017, the information and content services business was vigorously promoted by cook as a key business. According to the data from June last year to June this year, the revenue of information and content services reached 50 billion US dollars, which is an amazing number for other enterprises. However, for apple, it only accounts for about 20% of its total revenue. If it can’t break through quickly, Apple will only It is difficult to support the current market value by mobile phone business.

3、 The apple is in a hurry, and there is no place to place its tentacles

The information and content service business is not as expected, which makes Apple’s future uncertain. The drop of iPhone 12’s initial price makes Apple anxious. In addition to continuing to vigorously promote information content service, Apple has begun to provide services and solutions to other industries and fields. In terms of hardware, its tentacles are also rapidly developing to other intelligent wear.

Walking on two legs, one is towards IBM, which is the soft service of information service and solution service; the other is Xiaomi’s department store, which was founded in 1976. Now, the 44 year old apple company is really at the crossroads for the first time. Where will this middle-aged crisis take apple?

We’ll see.

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