Double 11 is coming. These 4 mobile phones are worth considering, with strong configuration and high cost performance!


Double 11 is coming. These 4 mobile phones are worth considering, with strong configuration and high cost performance!

Part 1: glory V30 Pro

At first, because the price was too high, no one paid attention to it. Later, the price of glory V30 Pro was really fragrant. To tell you the truth, the price of the glory V30 Pro around 3000 is still worth considering. The performance in various aspects is commendable, and the comprehensive strength is not generally strong. It adopts 6.57 inch double perforated full screen and carries Kirin 990 The 5g chip is the first tier processor in Huawei. It has a triple camera design with a 40 megapixel super sensitive lens. It also supports up to 30 times digital zoom. It has both OIS and EIS anti shake. It has a 4100 MAH battery built in and supports 40W cable fast charging. You can see that the hardware parameter configuration is strong enough. Plus the sincere price, the cost performance ratio is still very high, and the double 11 will be even better It is worth considering.

Part II: iqoo neo3

Don’t always think that Xiaomi is the only mobile phone with high cost performance. The blue-green factory is also worth mentioning. Take a look at the recent two brands of mobile phones, the cost performance is not inferior to Xiaomi. For example, this iqoo neo3 mobile phone has completely lost the label of “high price and low configuration” and “IQ detector”. The front screen of the iqoo neo3 phone supports 144hz refresh rate. It is equipped with a high-speed flash memory of ufs3.1 and runs on a high-speed flash memory of ufs3.1. The game performance experience is not generally outstanding. In addition, it has built-in 4500mAh battery, which supports 44w super flash charging, so you don’t have to worry about the phone running out of power. The mobile phone was launched at 2698 yuan, and will definitely have higher cost performance ratio when it comes to double 11.

Part 3: oppo find x2 Pro

After talking about the blue factory’s mobile phone, let’s have a look at the green factory oppo find x2 pro. It’s also worth considering when it comes to double 11! This flagship is the model that I want to buy this year. At first, because the price was too high, I didn’t start it. Later, when it dropped by more than 1000, I did not hesitate to start. I believe that the double 11 will be more cost-effective. This oppo find x2 Pro is the best screen in the world, with a refresh rate of 2K + 120Hz. It is also Samsung’s, also equipped with a high pass snapdragon 865 processor and a rear three camera design. In DxO, it surpasses Huawei’s mate 30 Pro 5g by 124 points. In addition, the 65W super flash charging is also eye-catching. On the whole, there is no flagship. Do you buy it?

Part 4: iPhone 12

To tell you the truth, a lot of Apple phones are worth buying now, especially those old iPhones after the price reduction, such as the iPhone 11, the iPhone XR and the new iPhone e, have a high cost performance ratio. Today, I want to talk about the newly released iPhone 12, which is very popular at present. It can be said that it is worth buying, and the double 11 is naturally worth considering. Of course, mobile phone users make complaints about it too, so this is also a good idea. The front of the iPhone 12 is still a banged screen. Thanks to the narrower black edge and smaller chin brought by the OLED screen, the visual impact is still great! The design of returning to iPhone 4 is more exquisite. With A14 + ios14 combination, the performance is naturally impeccable. It also supports 5g technology, rear mounted dual 1200W pixel camera, built-in 2851mah battery, and supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof. The author is more optimistic about holding light, strong performance, or very worthy of consideration.

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