IPhone 13 may be released in advance at this time. Is it really 13 fragrance?

is the new iPhone 12 fragrant? This is different people, different views. Mobile phone users make complaints about users more than beliefs. IPhone12, though the first generation of 5G phone, has quite a few unsatisfactory places. At present, the most common way to get rid of iPhone is the iPhone 12, the bad number of the letter, the green screen, and the refresh rate of the 120Hz. A kind of

A kind of
but for those users who have extreme beliefs about Apple, it’s not just the iPhone 12 that smells good. I wish every generation of iPhones smells great. A kind of
Although the current iPhone12 novel coronavirus pneumonia is not fully developed due to the influence of the new crown pneumonia, it still needs to be booked, but it still can not stop those fruits like iphone12. A kind of

A kind of

however, the next news may upset those who spend more than 10000 to buy the top iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 may be released in advance, and it’s really delicious! In nine months, the iPhone 13 is coming! A kind of

why nine months instead of one year? A kind of

that’s because this year’s launch of the iPhone 12 has been delayed by more than a month due to the sudden epidemic. Next year, apple is obviously prepared not to launch the iPhone 13 in October, but to restore the “old model” and launch the iPhone 13 into the market in September next year. A kind of

A kind of

iPhone 13 may come online in 9 months, and it’s really delicious! This is confirmed by the famous apple product God prophet Guo Mingji. A kind of
Guo Mingji’s prediction ability of apple is obvious to all over the world. He said that the iPhone 13 will be released in nine months, which is basically not running. As Guo, he has learned that Apple has limited and cut orders for the A14 chip of the iPhone 12, and the production capacity of the OEM company is to prepare for the A15 chip production next year. A kind of

A kind of

this information has been out for a few days, so there have been a lot of speculation about the iPhone 13 products on the Internet. A kind of

at present, for iPhone 13, netizens have the highest voice for the high refresh rate of 120Hz, the reduction of Liu Haiping screen, and even the off screen fingerprint technology, because these several things that should have appeared on the iPhone 12 have not appeared in this year’s new Apple products. If they are to appear, they are likely to be the next generation of iPhone 13. A kind of

A kind of

of course, we still have to pour cold water on the vast number of expectant netizens, because although 120Hz refresh rate is a common feature for Android phones, according to the “urine” of Apple’s toothpaste squeezing, most of the iPhone 13 next year will only appear on the pro max series, and other models are likely to maintain a refresh rate of 60 Hz. A kind of

A kind of

in addition, the iPhone 13 may not be able to solve this year’s almost diabetes insipidus 5g signal. A kind of

previously, apple always attributed the signal problem to the baseband when using Intel baseband, but even if the iPhone 12 released this year was replaced by the snapdragon baseband from Qualcomm, the signal was still very weak, and even in some environments, it was not as good as the previous generation of iPhone 11! Obviously, Apple has a great disadvantage in baseband optimization. A kind of

A kind of

although Apple has applied for a patent for integrating the antenna into the screen, in the case of baseband optimization problems, this way of strengthening the antenna is obviously only a temporary solution, not a permanent cure. What’s more, this patent may not be applied to the next generation of iPhone 13 – after all, the biggest function of patent application is to let the company not occupy the hole, not to sell it Industrialization and mass production. A kind of

A kind of

but anyway, the fact that the iPhone 13 will be available after September is basically a certainty. So, fruit fans, is the iPhone 12 still fragrant on your hand or on the road? I’m afraid it’s about to become “Thirteen incense”. A kind of

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