The current “rotten Street” three mobile phones! Each one is really fragrant. Do you have one?

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how to measure the quality of a mobile phone

it must be fair to measure the sales volume

because of the large number of people who buy it, it has become the mobile phone of “rotten Street”

it’s too popular, but it’s fragrant enough. Do you have any models you use
The first iPhone 11

judging from the sales of major activities last year and this year

iPhone 11 has always been the number one in sales

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taking a certain East as an example, its cumulative evaluation is as high as 4.38 million +

such high data can not be achieved by any model

and it’s also the first apple model to be called “cost-effective”

even now, many new users have bought it

the second is Xiaomi 10 series

among all domestic manufacturers, it is the first flagship aircraft out of stock

the official flagship store has long been withdrawn from the market, and all of the snapdragon 865 flagship aircrafts

its comprehensive strength and cost performance are acceptable to users

so it’s no accident that it’s rotten

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the third one is red rice K30

when 5g mobile phones first came into the market, most of them were high prices

and it directly takes the lead of many flagship aircraft with the identity of 1000 yuan machine

after all, the price is cheap enough

this is a small cost for many users who want to try 5g new machines

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in addition, it has a derivative version of the same super low price

such as red rice k30i, K30 speed version, etc

even if it is a thousand yuan machine, its sales volume is not very large

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