PDD hate enough! IPhone 12 and iPhone 12mini dropped 1000 yuan

due to the influence of YQ, the release of iPhone 12 series was delayed for one month. In order to further strengthen channel control, Apple introduced new policies to channel providers this year. Therefore, at the beginning of the launch of iPhone 12 series, PDD could not be put on the shelves of these four models, because PDD could not be delivered at all, and it was not an official partner of apple. But PDD is PDD. It will only be late and will not be absent. Soon, all four iPhone 12 models will be put on the shelves with 10 billion subsidies. A kind of

A kind of
on December 19, PDD launched again, this time targeting the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini models. Information shows that the final subsidy price of the 64g version of the iPhone 12 is 4499 yuan on the PDD; the final price of the 64g version of the iPhone 12 on the PDD is 5299 yuan, which is 1000 yuan cheaper than Apple’s official website. How is PDD tough enough! It should be noted that iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have activities at the same time. The former is 500 yuan cheaper than the official website, and the latter is 700 yuan cheaper than the official website. A kind of

A kind of
Do you dare to see a lot of people on PDD? This time PDD is to let everyone rest assured. This time, all iPhone 12 series enjoy the “genuine product insurance” protection provided by PICC Property Insurance, which clearly guarantees that all iPhone 12 series are genuine products of BOC, and will also provide services such as genuine invoice, SF express, 7-day no reason return, etc. A kind of

in fact, no matter what the supply of iPhone 12 series on PDD is, as long as PDD can make a new low price, it is very difficult for apple. Because there is a price reduction, whether they are willing to lose money or for whatever reason, consumers will wait and see. Everyone will think that the price of the iPhone 12 will be low in the future. A kind of

A kind of

therefore, the following situation is very obvious. After PDD hits a new low price, other platforms will surely follow. For this phenomenon, apple is powerless, because other platforms are willing to pay their own money to consumers, the benefits have nothing to do with your apple hair. But the biggest impact is apple itself. I believe that the price of iPhone 12 series will be greatly relaxed in the next period of time. A kind of

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