Sales of the galaxy 20 and iPhone 12 are booming, with Samsung and apple competing for supremacy in the mobile phone industry

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Samsung Electronics’s Galaxy S21 series has released official marketing pictures that will be launched next month. The official marketing image disclosed this time includes the overall spectrum of appearance design and machine color of Galaxy S21 series products. The highest configuration product Galaxy S21 ultra is the same as the previous Galaxy S21 ultra, and the camera module behind may be inherited intact. A kind of
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Galaxy S21 ultra

camera is pulled all the way back, using a unique design never seen so far. Samsung has four sensors on the camera module including the optical zoom camera, using a pixel sensor with ultra-high resolution of 108 megabytes, another zoom camera and an ultra-optical camera. A kind of

in addition, there will be 12 million pixel super light camera, 108 million pixel main camera, 10 million pixel remote camera supporting 10 times optical pinch, 10 million pixel remote camera with 3 times optical beam amplifier, and automatic laser focus sensor. In particular, it will also support the s-pen function of the “note” series, which was once the most concerned. Triple cameras are installed behind the “Galaxy S21” and “Galaxy S21 plus”. The main differences between the two products are size and color. The galaxy S21 is expected to have a 6.2-inch screen size and the galaxy S21 plus is expected to have a 6.7-inch screen size. The highest model, the galaxy S21, has a 6.8-inch screen and is expected to be about 0.1 inches smaller than the previous model. A kind of
The machine colors of Galaxy S21 are expected to be composed of mirage purple, mirage pink, phantom white and phantom gray. Galaxy S21 plus is expected to provide three colors in addition to mirage white. In addition, the silver Galaxy S21 superelevation phantom and the black phantom will reappear in about three months. A kind of

in addition, Samsung Electronics officially announced that it will hold online sales activities in January next year. Previously, online sales activities and the launch of new products took place in February and early March respectively, but the launch of the new Galaxy S21 series was about a month earlier than in previous years. A kind of

Apple iPhone 12 series, which plans to compete with Samsung Galaxy S21 series, will continue to maintain high sales after its launch. Considering the success of the second generation iPhone se released in the first half of this year, the iPhone 12 series has four lineups, including the basic iPhone 12 Mini with small screen size, the iPhone 12 and the premium series iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max. A kind of

the most popular product in the iPhone 12 series is the iPhone 12 pro, which belongs to the advanced product line and is becoming more and more popular, accounting for about half of the total sales of the iPhone 12 series. This is followed by the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini with the smallest screen size and the iPhone 12 Pro max with the largest screen size and the highest specification. A kind of

at present, the sales volume of the iPhone 12 series is about 2 million, which is comparable with the galaxy S20 series of Samsung Electronics, which has the largest sales volume in China this year. It is reported that after the launch of the galaxy S20, based on the sales of mobile communication companies, the sales volume has exceeded 600000 units, which is more than 20% faster than the first 11 series of iPhone 12 series. A kind of

in addition, considering the popularity of the iPhone 12 series, Apple plans to increase iPhone production by about 30% in the first half of next year. Apple requires OEM manufacturers to produce 95 million to 96 million iPhones, so Apple may produce about 230 million iPhones next year. Compared with the production in 2019, this lifetime production has increased by about 20%. A kind of

in this case, the circulation of the latest smart phones on the Internet and the sales shop “Maya mobile phone” have brought together the flash smart phones of Samsung Electronics and the low and medium price smart phones, etc., and are conducting special price activities. This activity is not different from the communication company according to the type of participation, but to provide the same discount, and according to different products, the maximum discount is about 600 yuan. A kind of

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