The five most durable mobile phones will not be eliminated in three years

mobile phones are digital products that we hold in our hands every day and play with them repeatedly. Therefore, when purchasing mobile phones, we need to choose a flagship model, which is more durable. For example, the five mobile phones this year will not be eliminated after three years of use. A kind of

1. Huawei mate40 Pro

Huawei’s mate100pro is not only the strongest processor in the past three years, but also will not be eliminated by Huawei. A kind of

A kind of
Huawei mate40 Pro is equipped with Kirin 9000 processor, which is the world’s first chip based on 5nm technology. The back uses a star ring design, including four lenses, which are 50 million main camera + 20 million ultra wide angle + 12 million long focus + laser focusing lens. It has a built-in 4400 MAH battery and supports 66W wired + 50W wireless. Even in 2021, this charging power is the industry leader. Moreover, many people still use Huawei mate8 and mate9, which is enough to prove its durability and strength. A kind of

2、iPhone12 Pro/Pro Max

iPhone is recognized as the most durable mobile phone. I believe that there must be some nail holders such as iphone6s, iphone7 and iphone8. Therefore, this year, the first iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max is launched. If you want to choose the flagship, iPhone 12 and mini are not recommended, because the battery is too small and the photos are too weak. A kind of

A kind of

the iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max is equipped with A14 processor. Among them, the iPhone 12 Pro is equipped with 2815mah battery, and the pro Max is equipped with 3687mah battery. The battery life is much longer than that of 12 and mini, and the thickness of the body is only 7.4mm. With the use of Apple’s apple care +, the service life is longer. A kind of

3, one plus 8 Pro


the one plus mobile phone is the most durable one in Android camp. The parameters of each generation’s flagship are the highest, so is this year’s one plus eight pro. Moreover, the hydrogen OS system is simple, without fancy functions, and the memory pressure is much smaller than other mobile phone systems. A kind of

A kind of
the biggest highlight of one plus 8 Pro is this screen. It supports 2K resolution and can be opened at the same time with 120Hz high brush. It also supports MEMC compensation technology. The battery capacity is 4510mah, and it supports 30W wired + 30W wireless. A kind of

4. Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe

they all say that Samsung’s mobile phones have low cost performance, but I don’t think so. This year, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Fe is not only cost-effective, but also has a comprehensive configuration. The most important thing is that the price is only over 4000. A kind of

A kind of

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe is equipped with snapdragon 865, 4500mAh battery, 25W cable support, 6.5-inch supermaoled screen, and 120Hz refresh rate. Moreover, it is a rare flagship machine with IP68 waterproof in its early 4000’s. A kind of

5、iQOO 5

the last mobile phone recommends iqoo 5. As a mobile phone that mainly plays video games, its performance is naturally very strong, and the price is controlled within 5000. If the charging requirements are higher, you can choose iqoo 5 pro with higher specifications. A kind of

A kind of

iqoo 5 is equipped with snapdragon 865 + lpddr5 + ufs3.1, equipped with 6.56 inch AMOLED screen, supporting 120Hz refresh rate, built-in 4500mAh battery, supporting 55W fast charging, with 50 million main camera + 13 million wide-angle + 13 million portrait. A kind of


in any case, if you want to choose a durable mobile phone, and it will not be eliminated for three years, then only the flagship can do it. As far as the Android Market is concerned, it is very difficult for the middle end and low-end computers to stick to the situation that they don’t get stuck after one or two years. Therefore, the above five flagship phones are very durable and can be used for three years. A kind of

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