IPhone 12 / mini drops 1000 yuan, pinduoduo 10 billion yuan subsidized leave

nowadays, fruit powder has a very useful experience. How affordable you can buy an iPhone depends on how much subsidy you can get with tens of billions of dollars. With the gradual improvement of the supply of Apple’s iPhone 12 series, the price of pinduoduo’s iPhone 12 set a new record low. The starting price of iPhone 12 and mini dropped by 1000 yuan to 5299 yuan and 4499 yuan respectively. A kind of

the price of iPhone 12 is from 5299 yuan (64GB), and that of iPhone 12 Mini is from 4499 yuan (64GB), which is 1000 yuan lower than that of Apple’s official website. The price of iPhone 12 Pro coupon is from 7999 yuan (128GB), and the price of iPhone 12 Pro Max volume is from 8599 yuan (128GB), which is 500 yuan and 700 yuan lower than the official website. A kind of

A kind of

pinduoduo iPhone 12 / mini down 1000 yuan

in order to make consumers feel at ease, it is understood that all iphone12 participating in the “10 billion subsidy” activities enjoy the “genuine insurance” protection provided by PICC, to ensure the authentic products of BOC, and to provide after-sales services such as genuine invoice, SF package mail, 7-day return without reason and 10 compensation for fake products. A kind of


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