Australian scientists: New crown virus can survive on mobile phone screens for a month

[Global Times reporter Wu Ming] a new study in Australia shows that the new coronavirus can survive on the surface of banknotes and glass for nearly a month. Scientists from the Australian Center for disease prevention and control said the new coronavirus is “robust” and can survive for 28 days on smooth surfaces at room temperature or 20 degrees Celsius, such as mobile phone screens and plastic banknotes. In contrast, the survival time of the common influenza virus is 17 days. The study highlights the risk of virus transmission from banknotes, touch screen devices, and handles and handrails. The study also found that the new coronavirus survives longer in cooler weather, so it may be more difficult to control in winter than in summer. “The results show that the new coronavirus can remain infectious on the surface for a long time, so we have to wash our hands regularly and maintain the good habit of cleaning the surface,” said eagles, deputy director of the center

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