Trump is king of the dance at his own TikTok.

original title: trump becomes’ king of the dance ‘on his own devilish TikTok

Every time trump raised his fist recently, the crowd knew: that’s coming.

When Y.M.C.A (the ymca), the hottest disco of the ’70s and’ 80s, went off, the smell of disco was instant. It’s ok to take turns punching the air with both hands. It’s ok to get stuck in the rhythm. It’s ok to move your legs, it’s OK to march in place, it’s ok to wiggle your slightly fat body, it’s also an alternative kind of cuteness — dancing is what the 74-year-old Trump did at rallies when he was recovering from a serious illness and falling behind in the polls.

As trump danced one campaign rally after another, under the night sky in Pennsylvania, in the wintry wind in Wisconsin, and in the desert in Arizona, the “magic” dance became a hit for him.

Ironically, however, it was TikTok, a short-video app owned by a Chinese company, bytedance, that made Trump Dance a hit on the Internet the day before, when he threatened to “ban” it and try to get local companies to buy it.

《迈阿密先驱报》报道截图 the Miami herald reported screenshot

according to the Miami Herald of October 21, the man who loves to get crowds into a frenzy has made himself a hit on TikTok, where netizens are clamoring to imitate his dance moves at campaign rallies. Trump supporters even dubbed the Dance the “Trump Dance” on TikTok, “Newsweek” reported on Oct. 19.

truncated from TikTok

截自:观察者网视频,下同 cut from: observer network video, the same below

whether to laugh at his poor dancing, or really want to support him, in a word, my application of every way of creating difficulties, and finally achieved my dance blog “dream”, is quite embarrassing…

On October 18, a twitter user posted a video of a celebrity imitating trump’s dance moves, saying, “everyone is imitating trump.” Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka also retweeted it. I didn’t know she was typing “Love it! Does it feel a little strange?

截自伊万卡推特 cut from ivanka twitter

After all, the us election campaign is often derided as “the big show”. These days, dancing is “human-to-human” in the 2020 us election:

哈里斯也在竞选活动上跳起舞来 Harris also dancing on campaign

Camara Harris, the democratic vice presidential nominee, danced with an umbrella in the rain during a rally in Florida on October 19. At a rally in Arizona, Mr Trump also danced to the “YMCA”, and the two danced across the air.


美联社21日报道截图 ap 21 screenshot

“Y.M.C.A” was once the “standard” dance music of “disco” all over the world. Iconic dance moves — hands raised above your head (Y), hands bent over your shoulders (M), hands to the right (C), hands crossed in front of you (A) — are engraved in many people’s memories.

Although Mr Trump does not skip this classic move, his campaign staff regularly spell out the letters y-m-c-a with their bodies as he dances, and are in the mood off the stage. White House press secretary Gloria McNerney, who has been diagnosed with the disease, also posts a “YMCA” dance routine on social media, and Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner joke about it, generating traffic for the Republican Party out of thin air.

Perhaps Mr Trump, who has been trailing in recent polls, and his team want to grab the “dancing” lifeline. The surface is dancing, for, but all is the vote.

麦克纳尼在社交媒体上大秀“YMCA”舞 McInerney show “YMCA” dance “on social media

The Associated Press rightly pointed out that trump’s painstaking efforts to turn the dance into “a thing” came as he tried to prove that he could stay alive during the campaign, three days after being hospitalized with his covid-19 diagnosis.

Another media analysis said that trump wanted to use the dance to prove that he was “fully recovered” from the new presidency and to present a very different image from biden, who was seen as lacking in vitality and vitality.

Even the spread of the dance on social media was “choreographed” by the trump campaign.

According to Fox10 Phoenix, the dance that first went viral online was filmed at a campaign rally in Florida on October 12, just days after Mr Trump’s return from the presidency.

特朗普在佛罗里达州竞选集会截自Fox10 campaign rally in Florida trump cut from Fox10

the video was posted online by the trump campaign’s social media strategist, Ryann MacEnany, the sister of the White House press secretary.

According to the Associated Press, the trump team didn’t reveal who had the idea for the Y.M.C.A song after the dance went off to great effect, but several members jokingly grabbed the credit.

“No matter how many times he dances at campaign rallies, there is no denying that he enjoys it, dancing on the graves of 215,000 dead americans,” said Don Lemon, a prominent CNN host.

“#TrumpGraveDancer” was a twitter hit.

截自推特 cut from twitter

watch Y.M.C.A MV again, let people sigh

“Y.M.C.A” was written by The Village People in 1978 and was once very popular around The world. The song is said to have been inspired by the social group Christian Youth, which provided fitness and temporary accommodation for young men.

“Y.M.C.A” appeared in many movies and TV series, carrying the good memories of the audience.

in friends, Monica (left 3) is forced to dance “Y.M.C.A”

“while working in a nostalgic restaurant

电影《江湖儿女》中,主角们在上世纪“的士高”随着《Y.M.C.A》跳舞 film “children”, the characters in the “disco” dance to the Y.M.C.A

But perhaps most famously, the band’s original music video (MV) features members dressed as police officers, Indian chiefs, construction workers, soldiers, motorcyclists and cowboys, merrily dancing to the music.

however, returning to the video in 2020 will be a shame.

In contrast to the music video, in which black drivers and white police officers dance together in harmony, this year Mr Shavin, a white policeman, crushed a black man to death on his knees, sparking anti-racism demonstrations across the country. The situation of the Indians in the last hundred years needs no explanation.

Meanwhile, more than 8 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with new crowns, millions, if not millions, of workers are unemployed, the economy is in a slump, and the joyous atmosphere in the music video is gone. There is still no definitive answer as to how these problems will be solved.

But Mr Trump may not have time to think about this at this point: he is still 10.7% behind Mr Biden in the general election sprint, and the pace of his “five rallies in three days” must continue. Unsurprisingly, the “Trump dance” will continue.

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