More than 7 million confirmed cases in India

global data

World Health Organization: as of 14:00 Central European time (20:00 Beijing time) on the 11th, the number of confirmed cases of new crown in the world increased by 347526 to 37109851, and the number of deaths increased by 5497 to 1070355.

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Johns Hopkins University: as of 8:23 Beijing time on the 12th, there were 37379320 confirmed cases and 1075320 deaths.The United States is the world’s most serious country with 7761547 confirmed cases and 214767 deaths.

news events

South Korea’s prime minister, Ding Shijun, presided over the central disaster safety response headquarters meeting on November 11, and decided to lower the level of social distance restriction measures to the first level, that is, the lowest level.However, some secondary prevention and control measures continue to be applied in the capital circle.South Korea’s deputy prime minister and Minister of education Yu Yinhui announced later that the restrictions on school attendance would be relaxed from the 19th.According to the current requirements, the attendance rate of primary and junior high schools should be controlled within one third, and that of senior high schools should be controlled within two thirds.Yu Yinhui said on the 11th that the maximum attendance rate for all schools has been two-thirds since October 19.

Irish health minister Stephen donaldley said on the 11th that Ireland plans to replace the current quarantine policy that requires some inbound passengers to be quarantined by virus detection at all airports.Ryanair and state-run Irish airlines have previously criticized the government for imposing Europe’s most stringent travel restrictions, which require almost all incoming passengers to be quarantined for 14 days.

The new crown epidemic data released by the Ministry of health of India on November 11 showed that the total number of confirmed cases in India exceeded 7 million.India has become the second country in the world with more than 7 million confirmed cases after the United States.As of the morning of November 11, 74383 new confirmed cases and a total of 7053806 cases were confirmed in the country within 24 hours, and 918 new deaths and 108334 deaths, according to the Ministry of health.

The Ministry of health of Iran announced on the 11th that in the past 24 hours, there were 3822 new confirmed cases of new crown in Iran, with a total of more than 500000 cases confirmed, reaching 500075 cases; 251 new deaths, the highest single day since the outbreak, with a total of 28544 deaths; 406389 cases were cured, and 4482 people were in severe condition.


editor: Hou Hongbo, Cheng douyu

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