The situation in Paris is worrying as the epidemic situation in several cities in France has escalated

source: overseas network

the temperature measuring device is used in the matabio railway station in Toulouse.(AFP)

Oct.12 (Oct.12) the epidemic situation of new coronavirus in France continued to worsen.From May 5 to 11, new patients were 5084, 10489, 18746, 18129, 20339, 26896 and 16101, respectively.As of the afternoon of November 11, 734974 patients were confirmed, and the positive rate of detection rose to 11.5%.Several major cities were upgraded to the “highest alert area” of the epidemic.

The French scientific committee also said that it did not rule out the possibility of a local re blockade “if necessary”, and warned that preparations must be made for a long-term “coexistence with the virus” before the summer of 2021.(overseas network-Paris-Luga)

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