How much pressure is there in Europe? Merkel cried, and mark long was ill

original title: how much pressure is there in Europe? Merkel cried, and mark long was ill



. Xinhua News Agency (EU photo)

in the face of multiple challenges such as “brexit” of the United Kingdom, withdrawal of the United States and serious internal differences, the sudden outbreak of the new crown in 2020 will usher in a pressure test to test the centripetal force and governance ability of Europe, which is hesitating on the road of regional integration. A kind of
Who will “stabilize” Merkel in Europe

a few days ago, a video of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was hot on social media. A kind of

she tried her best to persuade the German people, especially the young people, that the number of deaths was increasing rapidly. During the Christmas holidays, please consciously abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, reduce the gathering and keep a distance, “don’t let it become the last Christmas with grandparents!” A kind of

since her first election as prime minister in 2005, Merkel has established herself in the political arena with a rational and calm style. However, in the video, she was emotional and choked with tears. A kind of

Germany is regarded as the “anti epidemic model” of European countries. A kind of

although the isolation measures in different regions under the federal system were not unified, there was a consensus from the government and the general public on cooperation in epidemic prevention, which enabled Germany to “flatten the curve” in the first wave of epidemic. In addition to the advantages of developed medical resources, the Merkel Government insists on scientific response to the epidemic, which plays an important role in the effective prevention and control of the epidemic. A kind of
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On December 10, German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived at the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, ready to attend the EU winter summit. Xinhua News Agency (EU photo)

A kind of

when the website of political daily of the United States “scored” the influence of European leaders in 2020, it ranked Merkel as the “comprehensive first” and believed that after the United States “withdrawal”, she had in fact become the leader of western countries. A kind of

in weighing the so-called “interests and values”, Merkel embodies more pragmatic and rational side. Merkel has repeatedly reminded that the United States is no longer reliable, and Europe must learn to be self reliant. She withstood the pressure from the United States and continued to promote the “Beixi 2” natural gas pipeline project with Russia. Merkel’s support also plays a crucial role in the EU’s plan to introduce a 750 billion euro anti epidemic relief fund. A kind of

in October 2021, Merkel will retire after the term of office of prime minister expires. A kind of
Who will “stabilize” Merkel in Europe in the post epidemic era? A kind of
Ma Kelon’s re-election test

compared with Germany, which is relatively stable in economy and politics, since taking office, French President Marcon has faced a more complicated situation due to the promotion of labor market reform, tax cuts and welfare cuts. A kind of

on the one hand, the outbreak of the epidemic partly offset the effect of makron’s economic reform, on the other hand, it also gave him the opportunity to rebuild the credibility of the government and show his determination by issuing strict anti epidemic measures. A kind of

according to a poll in March this year, his approval rating jumped 11 percentage points from February to a two-year high of 43%. A kind of

Marcon carried out economic reform under the pressure of continuous demonstrations. At the EU level, he persuaded Merkel to “United Front” and continue to vigorously promote the reform of the euro area, deepen integration and call for “European independence”. A kind of

he openly choked on the “US priority” of US President trump, defended multilateral mechanisms and attacked unilateralism on many important occasions, and made a high-profile resistance to the tide of us and European exclusion, populism and protectionism. A kind of
A kind of

on December 10, French President Marco ó n arrived at the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, to attend the EU winter summit. Xinhua News Agency (EU photo)

A kind of

unlike Merkel, who is about to retire, Mr. maklon faces the re-election test in the spring of 2022. A kind of

influenced by the rebound of the epidemic situation and the questioning of cultural pluralism tradition after the terrorist attacks, his support rate has dropped. A kind of

in an October poll on the candidate for the next president, Ma crone was not as popular as Marina Le Pen, a representative of the far right. As the “flag bearer” of Europe, the first problem to be solved is to win the support of a divided French society. A kind of
A kind of


. Xinhua News Agency (EU photo)

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of course, the most urgent challenge is to control the epidemic in France. A kind of

the French presidential palace announced on the 17th that after he developed initial symptoms, he received virus testing and confirmed to be infected with Xinguan. He will be isolated for 7 days, during which he will work remotely and perform his duties as president. A kind of
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