Putin: Western media “almost didn’t paint me tusks”

original title: Putin: Western media “almost didn’t paint me tusks” A kind of

the reference news network reported on December 19 that Russia’s economic network today reported on December 17 that Putin held an annual press conference on December 17. Today’s economic network has selected some of the most vivid “golden sentences” said by the Russian president. The full text is excerpted as follows:

Putin refused to make 2020 a bad year, saying that such definitions do not apply here. “What is bad?” he said? It’s like the weather, good and bad. The same is true of years. ” A kind of

the President talked about many issues related to the new coronavirus pandemic and crisis and pointed out the common ground of the whole world situation. “There are so many problems,” he said. The ocean is the ocean, everywhere, all over the world. ” A kind of
Summing up the year, Putin said: “I don’t want to be stuck with data: it’s always boring and frustrating.” But then, the president listed in considerable detail a number of Russian economic data for this year. A kind of
Putin announced a 1.5% increase in Russian wages and foresight that such a statement would be criticized. “I ask citizens not to be angry with me – what I’m saying is not in line with what I feel,” he said A kind of
Putin said that 70% of Russia’s budget revenue does not come from oil and gas sales. “If someone wants to describe us as a gas station, there is no real basis for that,” he said A kind of
Putin commented on the claim that the new coronavirus is man-made. He pointed out: “rumors. I don’t want to talk about it to the whole country and the world. ” A kind of

President Putin refused to see 2020 as the worst year for Russians, warning that the situation at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century was much worse than it is now. “You said that there had never been such a bad year in the past as it is now,” he pointed out. No, I did A kind of
Putin, commenting on Western and pro western media reports on himself, said: “I almost didn’t paint my tusks. But what I do is what I think the country needs, not to make the West feel good-looking. ” A kind of

on foreign support for the opposition in Belarus, Putin said: “from abroad (support) has never been a good result.” A kind of

the Russian president made a lot of witty remarks in his communication with BBC reporters. Putin compared Russia with the West and said, “compared with you, we are kind and innocent.” He also said it was strange for the United States and NATO to complain about Russian weapons development in the context of NATO’s eastward expansion and the collapse of the global security system. The president said, “you are smart people. Why treat us like fools A kind of
A kind of

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