U.S. congressmen have been criticized for nearly closing the government’s rescue talks

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on the evening of December 18 local time, the US Congress passed an emergency two-day spending bill aimed at avoiding the federal government’s “closing down” after midnight, so as to buy time for negotiations related to the rescue bill “bound” to the spending bill. The analysis shows that the confrontation between the two parties in the U.S. Congress has seriously affected people’s livelihood, causing millions of Americans to face the dilemma of “bailing out the cliff”. If it continues to delay, the pace of economic recovery in the United States will be slowed down. In this case, congressmen from both parties on the front line of the confrontation in Washington have become the target of public criticism. A kind of
The U.S. Congress approved a temporary spending bill to keep the government running as the rescue talks continued, according to a report by the U.S. Congress

short term spending bill to avoid suspension


), the rescue bill has already seen the dawn of several months of delay, and the leaders of Congress plan to attach the relief bill to a full year expenditure bill, which will be used to maintain the normal operation of the federal government after the current funds are exhausted. A kind of

however, due to the collapse of the rescue negotiations on December 18, the US Congress had to urgently pass a two-day temporary spending bill on the evening of that day and send it to the White House for signature, so as to avoid the partial “closure” of the federal government after midnight, which aims to buy time for the negotiations on a new round of bail-out bill. A kind of

during the rescue bill negotiations on that day, negotiators from both parties were still trying to resolve differences on issues such as the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending authority. The goal of the leaders of both parties is to merge the bail-out bill with the broader spending bill, so negotiations on the bail-out bill need to be completed before the government’s spending plan expires. A kind of

on December 11, the U.S. Congress also passed a bill to extend the federal government’s funding by one week before the midnight deadline of the same day, in order to avoid the government closing down. Although members of the two parties insisted this week that a bail-out agreement would be reached, the situation was similar this time. Negotiations on a new round of bail-out bill could not be completed in time again, so the temporary expenditure bill came on the stage again. A kind of

US stocks closed lower on December 18, weighed down by uncertainty in the rescue talks. Many investors had expected earlier in the day that the US Congress would again be unable to reach an agreement on a new $900 billion bail-out bill before midnight of the same day, and the game would continue. A kind of
According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Congress passed a two-day spending bill on the evening of December 18 to avoid a government shutdown after midnight

Congress faces unprecedented pressure from all walks of life

pressure from the market, together with pressure from the economic community, the business community, the public health sector and the public, is forcing members of the US Congress to reach a compromise as soon as possible. A kind of
The Reuters analysis said novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been refreshed in the United States. Members of both parties in Congress have generally felt the pressure. They must seize the new round of the bail-out bill and end the “recriminations” and “Inaction” situation for months. Many members have said that the worsening epidemic means that the agreement is no longer acceptable. A kind of
“We saw novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths this week, and even though we got the vaccine, infection and hospitalization are still high.” “Things are different,” said Lisa murkovsky, a Republican senator from Alaska. Time goes by, life goes by. ” When asked by the media why Congress had to wait so long to come up with a rescue bill, merkovsky expressed his dissatisfaction. A kind of
△《华尔街日报》称,美国国会12月18日晚间通过了一项为期两天的支出法案,以避免午夜后政府关门 many parts of the United States are now in winter and people have to stay indoors for a long time to keep close contact with others, which may aggravate the spread of the new coronavirus. Many public health experts warn that even if the vaccine is now available, it will be difficult in the coming months. A kind of

in addition to the pressure from all walks of life, the calculation of political interests has also exerted great pressure on members of both parties. Leaders of both parties worry that if no action is taken, it will delay the January 5 Senate election in Georgia, a special election that will determine whether the Republican Party can maintain a majority in the Senate in the next two years. A kind of
CNBC said the last-minute dispute over the Federal Reserve’s lending authority has further delayed the rescue talks

controversy over the Federal Reserve’s lending authority ignites bipartisan differences

under the pressure of all parties, the leaders of the US Congress on the evening of December 17 were actually close to reaching a US $900 billion relief plan for the new epidemic. A kind of

in addition to direct cheques, the plan is expected to include additional unemployment benefits of $300 a week to the population, funding vaccine distribution programs, schools, small businesses and health-care providers, as well as rent relief and other relief measures. A kind of

although the contents of the new bail-out plan are generally in line with expectations, congressional leaders are still haggling over some of them. According to some of the negotiators, the new package is likely to “sidestep” two of the toughest issues: funding state and local governments, and protecting businesses operating during the outbreak. In addition, according to the latest progress of the talks on December 18, Republicans tried to limit the emergency lending authority of the Federal Reserve, which was seen by Democrats as “possibly derailing the negotiations”. A kind of

around the emergency lending authority of the Federal Reserve, the new and old governments once again choked. “It is in the interest of the American people to maintain the Fed’s ability to respond quickly and effectively as we respond to an unprecedented economic crisis.” “Weakening this power could mean reducing loans to ordinary businesses, increasing unemployment, and greater economic pain across the country,” Brian dease, who will be director of the White House National Economic Council under the Biden administration, said in a statement A kind of
The White House strongly supports the efforts of a Republican senator to add a restrictive clause to the new bail-out plan, which will restrict the use of U.S. treasury funds to support the Federal Reserve’s emergency loan program, said Larry Kudrow, the current director of the White House’s National Economic Council. A kind of

during the negotiation on December 18, the differences between representatives of the two parties on the Federal Reserve’s emergency loan authority were regarded as one of the ultimate obstacles to the failure of the rescue bill, reflecting that the division of demands of the two parties has increasingly become a major obstacle for the US government to cope with the economic challenges under the epidemic situation. In fact, this long overdue bail-out bill could have supported the US economy through the deadliest phase of the new epidemic, but it was delayed for several months because of the partisan tension. At least a lot of people in need of new year’s money can’t get through the hands of those who need it immediately. (CCTV reporter Gu Xiang)

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