Bitcoin & mainstream currency: BTC currently maintains a wide range of volatility, with selling pressure

Brief review of information

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recovering from a three-year bear market, bitcoin is one of the best performing assets this year. Compared with other macro assets, bitcoin has outperformed its peers in traditional financial markets. Earlier this year, Paul Tudor Jones of Tudor investment company, a famous hedge fund manager, claimed that bitcoin was “the fastest horse” in the current macro environment, and bitcoin’s performance was just like this. Bitcoin broke through the $17000 mark this week, with a year-on-year increase of 148%. A kind of
from the perspective of the short-term framework, bitcoin’s price trend is unpredictable and seems to be very chaotic, because fluctuations induced by inorganic demand (highly leveraged derivatives make short-term speculation possible) lead to price volatility. In a long time frame, the performance of bitcoin since its birth is obviously very stable, and its long-term upward trend is still unchanged. A kind of

in the final analysis, the price of bitcoin is a function of supply and demand. The publicly viewable data radiated from the bitcoin public chain can be analyzed by all discerning people. Although it is difficult to predict the short-term price trend of bitcoin, the indicators on and off the chain can provide clues to the general trend and the position of the asset in the current market cycle. Here are five indicators that investors should pay attention to after entering 2021. A kind of

market analysis

btcusdt analysis:

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review: after yesterday’s price continued to break new highs, there was a small emotional climax in the afternoon, followed by a rapid price break, and a sustained wide range of price shocks at night

today: today’s BTC price continues to fluctuate. At present, the price remains wide. There is still selling pressure here. Wait for the fluctuation range to decrease before entering the market to do long

conclusion: to maintain the volatility pattern, we need to wait for the price fluctuation of the lower position to weaken before entering the market to do long

strategy suggestions:

short term operation long

17300-17350 long

short term resistance: near 18000

short term support: near 16800

long term support: near 14100-14150

mainstream market

ethutt analysis

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eth is weak at present, and will still maintain a high level of wide range consolidation

support: 420-425

resistance: 480-485

EOS SDT analysis:

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the price of EOS continues to decline, and its volume can be extremely weak. The drop here shows that it is not sought after by the market
resistance: near 2.7

support: 2.4-2.44

bchusdt analysis:

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BCH is also in the state of falling back, and the support effect will still be tested in the short term

support: 230-231

resistance: 260-262

bsvusdt analysis:

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BSV still maintains a wide box vibration pattern

support: 145-150

resistance: 180-182

ltcusdt analysis:

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LTC’s short-term deviation is too large, and there is still a demand for finishing after finishing

support: 68-70


resistance: near 75

linkusdt analysis:

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support: near 12

resistance: 14-15


xrpusdt analysis:

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XRP is now beginning to fall back. Here, we will go back to test the effect of the support below


support: 0.26-0.265

resistance: near 0.3

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