Lao Cui said: bitcoin broke 18100 again, 2W is not far away!

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BTC broke through the $18000 level, with an intraday increase of 0.72%

according to the data, BTC rose in the short term, breaking through the $18000.25 barrier, and now it is at $18000.25, with an increase of 0.72% within the day. The market fluctuates greatly. Please do a good job in risk control. A kind of

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bitcoin today maintained a downward trend, with the highest rising in the morning to around 18059 and the lowest down to 17338 in the afternoon. At present, the currency price has recovered to above 18100 again. Daily line chart in the market volatility or relatively large, after all, today closed the positive line

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the four hour chart shows that the opening of the brin belt is upward, the Ma5 and ma10 moving average are about to cross, the Ma5 moving average is going down, and the currency price is running below it. The MACD index fast and slow lines are running above the zero axis, and there is a trend of dead cross. The bull energy column continues to shrink. 0bv index shows an upward trend, and it is possible to fall below the ma10 line to the middle track of brin belt. The short-term market has a downward trend. A kind of

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in the one hour chart, the currency price moves in the middle and lower track channel of brin belt. The upper suppression first focuses on the middle track position of 17840, followed by the intraday high suppression level of 18100 line. The lower support first looks at the 17550-17560 position of the MA60 daily average, followed by the 17250 under the one hour brin belt. Night operation, old Cui or suggest that we maintain the call back low approach multiple single strategy, after all, long-term bull or trend. The upper test key suppression position can also consider the entry of empty single. A kind of

Lao Cui said: Overall, the daily chart is still dominated by bulls, and the short positions in the four hour and hour chart are more firm, so the subsequent trend is likely to hit a new high point again after a short-term correction! It is expected that the market will be consolidated in 18000 position. After each big rise and fall, it will be consolidation within the range, short-term empty, long-term bullish! A kind of

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Lao Cui’s strategy: 1: buy multiple bitcoin orders in the 18000-17950 range, stop loss 17900, and target 18100-18200

2: buy more than 17500-17600 bitcoin orders, stop 150 points, and target 17900-18000

3: bitcoin rises above 18100 to continue to do long, stop loss 100 points, target 18300-18500, see 19000

old Cui message: people who have been dissatisfied with their hair styles have one thing in common, and they refuse to admit that it is a problem of face; those who have been dissatisfied with the transaction have one thing in common and refuse to admit that it is their own problem. Investment needs to be gradual, not rich overnight. A kind of

this material is only for learning and reference. It does not constitute a trading proposal. You may buy and sell it at your own risk! A kind of

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