Small Lei coin see 12.1912.19 bitcoin strong pull up, just follow the trend

see bitcoin 12.1912.19

only those who lie in the mud pit forever will not fall into the pit again. If there is a big trouble in the future, we should prepare for it before the rain and dig a well when we are thirsty. Don’t always feel that you are very unfortunate. There are many people who are more painful than you. It is not the end of the road, but it is time to change. No matter how good the implementation of strategy is, it is hard to hurt, and no matter how beautiful the wish is, it is to move forward. March 8, this is the women’s festival, this is the men’s promise of respect, I wish all women in time, happy women’s Day!

Australian regulators are in the process of enacting a set of stringent laws to effectively regulate cryptocurrency in the region, and the Australian tax authority (ATO) has also issued a warning to investors involved in cryptocurrency transactions, according to coingape. Australian regulators have agreed to treat cryptocurrency as a property, not a currency. In addition, the 2018 China blockchain technology and Industry Development Forum was held in Shanghai on the 18th. Ant financial services, Lenovo and other five units passed the blockchain system function test of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, and president Zhao Bo issued the “blockchain system function test certificate”. This helps to avoid risks in the development of blockchain. A kind of
BTC market analysis

yesterday’s price was negative and the market was blocked. Although the trend of the day went down in the early morning, it did not fall below the effective support, and then the market will rebound. At present, the price is slowly moving up and has returned to the 23000 area. Short term cycle brin belt on the track has been opened, more slightly dominant, the market has a further upward trend. At present, the overall trend is a shock upward, short-term 22900 first-line support does not break, the upward trend will not change

BTC recommendations
multiple single entry near 22900 target: 23000-23500 defense: 22850

A kind of
investment is risky, so it is necessary to be cautious when entering the market. The above strategies are for reference only. The entry operation also needs to be based on the real-time market

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