According to a foreign media CultofMac report, Apple said that the super-ceramic display of the iPhone 12 has 4 times the drop resistance. However, within a few days of the arrival of the first iPhone 12 and 12 Pro phones, some users complained of scratches on the screen. ▲The T-MobileContinue Reading

This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the new generation of iPhones met with us a month later than in previous years. However, this may also be the largest release of different models of mobile phones by Apple at the same conference. This time, cook brought us fourContinue Reading

the maximum storage capacity version of Apple’s new iPhone this year is still 512gb, although that’s enough for many users. But once the video resolution and frame rate are improved, the internal capacity will be reduced quickly. The latest news shows that with the help of the iPhone 13, AppleContinue Reading

In view of the fact that there are more and more iPhone versions and more and more people, such as friends’ friends, friends’ classmates and friends’ classmates’ friends, many of them are no longer mobile phone enthusiasts. They don’t know much about mobile phones, and they don’t bother to checkContinue Reading

Due to production capacity, although Apple’s iPhone 12 series was released together this year, it could not be sold at the same time. Therefore, there are still many fruit powders that can only wait for the arrival of super large screen iPhone 12 Pro Max and super small screen iPhoneContinue Reading

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series supports 5g high-speed network, which can introduce personal hotspot connection support through faster 5g Wi Fi, compared with 2.4G Wi Fi in previous iPhones. In all iPhone 12 series models, 5g personal hotspot is preset on. The iPhone 12 series adopts the upgraded hotspot modeContinue Reading

according to the test data of bloggers, if you want to use magesafe wireless chargers to charge iphone12 and iphone12 pro, you need to buy 20W charging head at your own expense if you want to use magesafe wireless chargers, and the speed of 15W can’t be achieved by usingContinue Reading