Something so magical actually happened! The International Olympic Committee issued a series of warnings

original title: such a magical thing can really happen! The international Olympic committee has issued a series of warnings
Three presidents have been replaced in three days, so the magic is now happening at the international weightlifting federation (IWF), an international sports body with 192 countries.

13日,乌尔苏拉·帕潘德里亚被国际举联执委会投票罢免了过渡主席的职务。13 Ursula papandria was voted out of office as interim President by the executive committee of the international Olympic committee.

on October 13, the interim President, George papandreou of the United States, was voted out of office by the executive committee of the international assembly and replaced as first deputy chairman by a Thai man named intalat. However, intalat’s appointment was strongly opposed by the United States, Britain and others. Less than two days later, Intalat was forced to resign as interim chairman and was replaced by Irani, the chairman of the International Federation of Medical Boards from Britain. At this point, the “infighting” storm is temporarily over.

< CMS - p style = "font - L" > but in the meantime, the confusion of internal management and frequent replacement of chairman, especially Mr Papandreou was deposed triggered a strong focus on the international Olympic committee (ioc), or even rare in less than a week warned twice in a row, will consider reducing weight lifting project entry quota in the Olympic Games in the future, even including the weight out of the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

in December this year, the setting of events and the allocation of places in each event will be determined, if the international lifting federation fails to deliver a feasible rectification report before then, the status of weightlifting in the Olympic Games is bound to be affected.

“more infighting”

papandriya formally took over as head of the international sports organization in April after Hungary’s former President arjen stood down on suspicion of corruption. She set out to reform and rebuild the federation, but her attempts never garnered enough support.

“With my own ears I have heard people in the executive committee say, ‘we just have to say we want to reform, but we don’t have to reform’,” Mr Papandreou said, adding that many in the executive committee had been hostile to her reforms. “I want an independent integrity commission, and this is something that the opposition will not tolerate.”

The “opponents”, as Mr Papandreou calls them, are several members of the executive committee. It is reported that after Jean’s withdrawal from the world weightlifting arena, the INTERNATIONAL lifting federation has been divided into two opposing camps. One party to “reform”, represented by Mr Papandreou and supported by the commission and the international Olympic committee (ioc), the other is several member of the executive committee, they represent the country (region) of all has a poor record of doping to be banned from Tokyo Olympic weightlifting or be sharply reduced the quota. The two sides have serious differences in internal governance, Olympic eligibility and other aspects, and it is not surprising that reforms have stalled.

举重项目在2024巴黎奥运会中的参赛名额或被减少,甚至有可能被驱逐出奥运会。2024 in Paris could see its place reduced or even expelled from the games.

After her ouster, papandreou was elected one of the vice-presidents of the international Olympic committee, but by this time she was disheartened. But the TURMOIL at the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee did not end with her departure. Thailand was one of the countries banned from competing in weightlifting at the Tokyo Games because of its poor doping record. The International Olympic Committee said it was “very concerned” about the process of choosing a new President after Mr Intalat, who is from Thailand, took over amid fierce opposition. Under pressure, Intalat resigned less than two days later. His successor, British Irani, said that he would not participate in the election of the future President of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee and would concentrate on the governance and reform of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee.

) on October 15, the executive committee of the international lift federation announced that the reform and election conference of the international lift federation will be held in lausanne or Istanbul, Turkey on March 24 or 27 next year. Hopefully, it can get back on track by then.

“disease in the bone marrow”

The magic happens in the weightlifting world, where the shadow of a man hangs over a sport for nearly half a century.

“> before formally resigning in April, tamas arjen was secretary-general and President of the international weightlifting federation for 24 and 20 years. For 44 years, the 81-year-old Hungarian was at the top of the powerlifting world, until the release of the documentary.

< CMS - p style = "font - L" > in January this year, the German television channel ARD called “king of medicine secret – weight” documentary, content involves international federation previsionally obscure athletes doping and own corruption, etc., aim at o let, among them secretly recorded the conversation with an Olympic medal winner, the latter said in Thailand was only 13 years old in the women’s weightlifting athletes doping.

阿让的影响是举重世界多年来挥之不去的阴云。ajan’s legacy has been a cloud hanging over the weightlifting world for years.

” there was such an uproar after the show went on air that he had to resign in April, although he denies all the charges. In June an independent investigation led by Richard McLaren, a Canadian lawyer, released a report into the FIA, which said it had more than 15日,来自英国的国际举联医疗委员会主席伊拉尼被任命为过渡主席。10m in unaccounted for assets, covered up more than 40 positive doping cases and that vote-buying had been rampant in the last two presidential elections.

the wording of the report is shocking. “Through the investigation, I saw such an organization, it is all a dictator in a variety of control mechanism to control for half a century, the excess control has given rise to a culture of horror, prevented a sports organization should have the vigor and vitality,” the report said, “we found the management of systemic failure, as well as international for the highest level of corruption, in fact the culture of this fear even if still linger after o let resign.”

is not an exaggeration. After his ouster, Mr Papandreou revealed that he had been appointed interim chairman after Mr Agang’s resignation because members of the executive council, including several vice-chairmen, had not dared to touch Mr Agang’s interests and let himself clean up the mess. Many on today’s executive council, including Mr Intalat, had previously been Mr Agang’s staunch Allies. In a sense, the “infighting” now taking place within the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee is also a “hangover” from The long reign of Ajan.

全国女子举重锦标赛于10月16日至19日在湖南邵阳举行。15, irani, chairman of the international Olympic committee from the United Kingdom, was appointed interim chairman.

“after Mr Ilani was elected as its new chairman, the British weightlifting association said that even so, it hoped to be able to reelect all the members of the executive board at a subsequent election. It is only through radical changes that the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee will be able to regain its “new life”.

According to sources with the Chinese weightlifting team, the Chinese weightlifting team has not been involved in the “infighting” of the international weightlifting federation and will maintain a neutral attitude and watch the progress of the situation.

> weightlifting is a traditional competitive sport in China, and the Chinese weightlifting team is the gold medal winner in the Olympic Games and other world competitions. Therefore, Chinese weightlifting also needs a fair and fair competition environment and a healthy and good development trend of the project.

national women’s weightlifting championship was held in shaoyang, hunan province on October 16 solstice 19.

> weightlifting is also a project that needs to practice its own “internal skills”. Based on the internal governance of the current international weightlifting federation, Chinese weightlifting should be more integrated into the project’s worldwide governance system and strive to ensure its benign and healthy development. From another perspective, increasing one’s right to speak in international sports organizations can help one keep up with the international trend and make early preparations at the moment when drastic changes occur.

source: People’s Daily sports liu shuo-yang li shuo

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