Iran’s Foreign Ministry has announced the automatic end of the UN arms embargo on Iran

original title: the Iranian foreign ministry announces the automatic end of the UN arms embargo against Iran
Tehran, Oct. 18 (xinhua) — Iran’s foreign ministry on Monday announced that the United Nations arms embargo against Iran will be lifted automatically and unconditionally as of today.

“The jcpoa explicitly states that the end of the arms embargo on Iran is unconditional and that no new agreement, no security council statement or any new measures are required,” the statement said.

the statement said that all restrictions on the movement of arms and related activities and financial services to and from Iran, as well as all bans on the entry or transit of certain Iranian citizens and military personnel into or through member states of the United Nations, will automatically cease from the 18th.

The statement also said that Iran can purchase any necessary weapons and equipment from any source, without any legal restrictions, according to its own defense needs, and can export defense weapons in accordance with its own policies.

The UN arms embargo on Iran dates back to UN security council resolution 1747, adopted in March 2007. The resolution bans Iran from exporting weapons and calls on all countries to exercise vigilance and restraint in exporting heavy weapons to Iran. In July 2015, Iran and the p5 + 1 countries (the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany) reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. The agreement and subsequent Security Council resolution 2231 stated that the United Nations would maintain the arms embargo against Iran until October 18, 2020, five years after the formal entry into force of the Iran nuclear agreement.

Recently, the United States put forward a draft resolution to extend the arms embargo against Iran in the security council and tried to activate the “fast-action sanctions” mechanism of the Iranian nuclear agreement in an effort to prevent the lifting of the arms embargo against Iran, but both failed. Us Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated in a statement that the UN arms embargo against Iran remains in place. He also said that conducting conventional arms trade with Iran or providing technical training on such weapons, and financial backers, would be subject to U.S. sanctions. (participating reporter: liu pinran)

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