Are Twitter and Facebook taking sides in the US election?

> twitter, facebook taking sides in us election?

> facebook and twitter took the rare step of restricting access to a New York post article about leaked emails from the son of democratic presidential candidate Joe biden.

the two social media giants took the step before verifying the authenticity of the articles. The story says that US President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, and his former adviser, Stephen Bannon, claimed to have obtained a large amount of personal material from Hunter Biden. The leaked documents show that Mr Biden arranged an “opportunity” for a Ukrainian company executive to meet the former VICE-PRESIDENT. Biden’s campaign says there has never been such a meeting on his agenda.

reported that facebook first restricted the spread of the article and sent the content to a third party fact-checking agency, which the company said was not standard procedure but had taken similar steps several times. The article was once the third most popular topic on Twitter, but the site later flagged it as “potentially unsafe” and blocked it. Twitter also suspended White House press secretary Kelly McNerney and the New York Post and posted a reminder on their Twitter pages saying they had violated twitter’s ban on Posting hacked content. Trump campaign accounts have also been suspended.

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