The blood oxygen monitoring results of Apple Watch Series 6 are inaccurate and have no medical use

According to Appleinsider, citing the Washington post, Apple previously released the Apple Watch Series 6, which added blood oxygen monitoring function. But a Washington Post reporter called the Apple Watch Series 6 oximeter “not working.”

According to Geoffrey Fowler, a technology columnist for the Washington post, he decided not to wear the Apple Watch Series 6 to test his oximeter. Fowler reports that wearables get conflicting readings when using blood-oxygen measurement applications. Fowler said the Apple Watch Series 6 has “little use” in blood oxygen monitoring.

“Sometimes, the new Apple Watch Series 6 reports that my lungs and heart are healthy and my blood oxygen levels are normal. Sometimes it would report that my blood oxygen was very low and That I might have emphysema. I’m not. “< / p >

he also mentioned that some of the problems might be related to a Solo loop&party; Watch strap. The IT House learned that the Solo Loop is available in a variety of sizes, and reducing the size eliminates some of the possibility of a deviation in the measurement, which would leave a trace on the user’s arm.

it’s worth noting that Apple has made it clear that the oximeter in the Apple Watch Series 6 should not be used for health assessments.

< CMS - p style = "font - L" > “blood oxygen application measure is not suitable for medical use, including self-diagnosis or consulting a doctor, only for the purpose of general fitness and health care.”

the good news is that source Komiya said in his tweet that Apple will continue to improve blood oxygen monitoring through software updates.

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